( I made a mistake in explaining the time in last post, here is my question)
I have a question about the emergency morning after pill, I took the NorLevo 1,5 mg after 72 hours, because my intercourse was at the 6th day of my cycle and my cycle was regular 30 – 29 days for 5 months, I thought there is not chance of pregnancy, but after 3 days I became stressed because I remembered I have had shorter cycles before about 21 25 days also, I took NorLevo 1,5 after about 80 hours, and after 5 days I started bleeding, the Pharmacy told me this is not usual for such a bleeding and its a chance of pregnancy, but huisarts said its an extra period due to the effect of the pill, and it shows the pill worked and I am not pregnant, my next period started after 34 days (4 weeks after the bleeding by NorLevo) which was 2 weeks later than my regular period and huisarts said its normal because of the pill, my urine test was also negative for pregnancy in huisarts clinic, I took home tests also several times and all negative,
but I’m stressed, cause my 2 periods were full of clots and different than always and huisarts said its effect of NorLevo which can last for few months,
but what doctor says is different than what pharmacy says,
I’m scared, can you help me please,
thanks in advance,
best regards

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